About Us

The founders of Nature’s Intent have over 75 years of combined experience in buying commodity products globally and working closely with some of the top retailers in the world. Our company was started with a vision about increased transparency in the food chain and producing quality products that consistently exceed expectations. A business that operates with integrity, transparency and high quality standards is at the core of our mission. We know that the most important relationship to consistently deliver the highest quality products starts with our farmers. We believe you can taste the difference.

New logo, same Nature’s Intent. As our company had evolved over the last few year, we have continued our commitment to giving our consumers transparency of the source of our food, but as our ideas become brighter so does our logo.

Meet Our Farmers


Edgar lives near the city of Ayacucho in Peru. He is in his late 30’s, with his wife and three younger children, growing potatoes, corn, onions, and more recently quinoa. Three years ago he began growing and selling organic quinoa for Nature’s Intent.  Due to the support structure of the company he now has a local field technician who visits his fields around seven times per year, is compensated for the organic certifications, receives growing assistance, and is consistently paid a fair price for his crops.  Through this he has a long term business partner who can count on receiving high quality organic products consistently.   His success through quinoa, and by working with the Creation of Shared Value program has yielded rather extraordinary results. Edgar has managed to improve his family’s livelihood quite substantially, increasing their family of five’s income by 80% in three years.

Through uniting his local knowledge and desire to access larger agricultural markets with a proven model of agricultural assistance, we are creating a new market driven and sustainable difference in the world agricultural development in the remote towns of the Andes.


Christian lives in a village outside the town of Sartimbamba in the Andes mountains of northern Peru. He has a large family. He began growing quinoa two years ago for the first time. Christian and his family used to survive on the small areas of wheat, artichokes, onions, and corn that the family grew nearby for personal food consumption.  Prior to working together with us, Christian’s village was cut off from outside investment; lying outside of commercial agriculture zones in Peru’s coast, and deep in rough mountain areas where heavy rains cut off access for large portions of the year. Being so far from markets made life really difficult. He remembers that the only time he ever sold some of his production was to trade it for some salt that he wanted for his son’s birthday.

Since then, infrastructure to provide farmers in this region access to sell their products has given them new opportunities.   Since then, his family’s life has remarkably improved. The half hectare which they grow land on is now more productive than ever sowing around 600 kg/H (double average of most small scale highland farmers), growing organic rotations of quinoa that are being sold internationally. His small one room adobe house now has electricity, a cleaner, more efficient wood burning stove (provided by Creation of Shared Value) and even a small television. Christian was also able to afford his first cellular phone as well and sends his children to school 15 minutes walk away. He strongly believes that his life, and that of his children has greatly improved from working with us and is grateful for the business.